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Kärcher is the world's number one cleaning solutions provider, focused on the future of cleaning to achieve outstanding results for businesses worldwide. From hospitals to factories, supermarkets to spas, the London Eye to Mount Rushmore, Kärcher has been trusted to clean them. Whether it’s driving productivity to tackle everyday challenges or supporting businesses in selecting an innovative cleaning solution, Kärcher’s team of experts are on hand to maximise the quality and efficiency of every clean.

Our comprehensive range of Professional machines, accessories and detergents include: award-winning pressure washers, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, spray extraction cleaners, sweepers, scrubber dryers, ice blasters, steam cleaners and municipal machines, all of which deliver immaculate results. When cleaning matters, Kärcher delivers.

With ground-breaking machines and a personalised service, Kärcher has the solution for practically any cleaning task, focusing on driving productivity, delivering a quality clean and ultimately adding value to our customers and their business.

To find out how Kärcher can make a difference to your business call: 01295 752065, email: [email protected] or visit: http://www.kaercher.com/uk/professional

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Who are Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies (BCHS)?
BCHS is the UK's leading cleaning and hygiene supplier, driving radical sustainable change through extensive experience and knowledge. We forge lasting partnerships with our customers, delivering exceptional value and unrivalled service to every contract.

What do we do?
Operating from 18 locations nationwide, we offer unparalleled coverage with a local touch. Our fleet of dedicated distribution vehicles and drivers, bolstered by attentive customer care and BICSc-qualified field sales technical support, guarantees we are always equipped to meet our customers' needs.

How are we different?
At Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies, we lead the market in introducing cutting-edge innovations and sustainability to our customers. We have developed a comprehensive range of Sustainable Solutions complementing our extensive and ever-expanding service.

How can we make a change?
By introducing the most innovative products and solutions, we empower our customers with a competitive edge, combining superior cleaning techniques with labour-efficient savings. Our expertise fuels transformative change within the industry, offering sustainable products and solutions that are both environmentally conscious and economically viable. Together, we can make a positive impact without compromising our planet's well-being.

Contact details:
Stuart Turnbull
Stuart.[email protected]
T: 020 7725 5000
M: 07739 950555

Soap₂o soaps arrive in powdered form, wrapped in water-soluble PVOH film. Once added to water, the soap sachet dissolves (film included) to become a luxurious foaming hand soap. Sounds like magic, right? Our process is simple… 1. fill the bottle4life with water 2. Add 4 10g sachets 3. Shake the bottle4life and leave to stand for 10 minutes. 4. Shake again 5. Pour the solution into the Soap2o dispenser or Elegantly Eco bottle and there you have the Soap2o hand soap. It literally is as simple as 4 steps.

We have been focusing a lot of time and dedication into research and development, not only for our existing soap product, but also into new products that are on the horizon for us. We are launching two products into the hair and body market in July 2023, to expand and produce a full water-soluble bathroom range. Not only this, but we aim to create a community around our ethical goals, uniting people in a common, shared passion to create change. Building this community, as well as giving back to those who need are two points that are high on our agenda for 2023.

We eliminate single use plastics from traditional soap products that everyone has always been so used to. We don’t ship water AT ALL. We take the water out of our soaps, the world is made of water so what would be the point in shipping it? This means our products are lighter and smaller than the average soap. To put this into perspective and get technical:
On one pallet of Soap2o products we get 36,000 litres of soap.
This is equivalent to 42 pallets of a competitor's soap.

Due to the fact that we don't ship water, we are able to transport the same amount of product on ONE pallet, instead of FOURTY TWO.

Contact details:
Sophie Burgess
[email protected]
T: 01514 595955

Thanks to our global reach and local-to-you service of cleaning, hygiene and safety products, wherever you are you’ll feel at home with Nationwide.

As a leading supplier of cleaning products and supplies, our size and buying power helps us pass on great value to our customers. We’re proud of our local teams who go out of their way to support their communities and add to that value. As a Group, we benefit from the combined strength of our 19 member firms, who are located across the UK and Ireland. We share the same goals, and commitment to our customers. And together, we deliver a genuinely ‘local-to-you’ service that’s fully tailored around your needs.

We offer a comprehensive range of professional products to give our 70,000 customers the widest choice, and the chance to pick up everything you need in one place. So as well as saving money, you can save time, too. Ordering is easy – online, anytime, backed by our dedicated customer support. And because we listen carefully to our customers, we can adapt to your needs, and provide solutions that work perfectly for you and your clients. It means we’re able to offer the complete package. We look forward to meeting you at the Awards to tell you more.

Contact details:
Darren Broad
[email protected]

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BioVate Hygienics has made a dynamic entry into the commercial cleaning sector with a vision of sustainable innovation and positive disruption. The start-up, launched in April 2022, has pioneered the migration to sustainable cleaning products, using the power of nature's biological cleaning actives.

Co-founders Nick Winstone, an experienced biological cleaning entrepreneur, and Tom Burkill, owner of a leading UK private label manufacturer, believed that the pace of sustainable change needed to be escalated, particularly for liquid cleaning products.

Their mission is to change the way Britain cleans by:

  • Using natural biotechnological & plant-based actives.
  • Utilising packaging that is reusable and renewable.
  • Working towards completely carbon neutral products.
  • Being proudly 100% made in the UK
  • Using technology to provide a cutting-edge user experience.

BioVate innovates at all times to drive both its products and the broader industry forwards in the journey towards completely sustainable cleaning. It has developed its products from the ground up, listening to the end users such as cleaners, chefs and housekeepers, to develop products that are not only good for the planet but also for those that use them. Using the latest biological actives, surfactants, fragrances and packaging, it has developed the next generation of biological cleaning products.

Contact details:
Nick Winstone
[email protected]
T: 01327 222580

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The Irish Contract Cleaning Association (ICCA) is the representative body for the professional commercial contract cleaning industry in Ireland. Membership of the ICCA is open to companies involved in the provision of commercial cleaning services in Ireland. Our objective us to seek status and prestige for the industry and public recognition of the industry’s vital role. The ICCA is happy to support the 2024 KC Golden Service Awards, that acknowledge excellence and the achievement of the highest standards in the industry. We are delighted to sponsor the Diversity Award and look forward to presenting the Award at the event in May 2024.

Contact details:
Jillian Wilson
[email protected]

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