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The Judging Process and Rules

Whilst Kimberly-Clark Professional began this initiative and has always been a patron, it believes that it should not take part in the judging process. Therefore the company has engaged The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) to independently oversee the judging process.

Stage One

The Golden Service Awards judging process takes place in two stages. Initial judging is based on the entry form submission. BICSc will review each submission and points will be awarded based on the amount of relevant information supplied and the quality of the testimonials. From this, a number of finalists are selected for each category (the exact number depends on the number of entries per category and the quality of the submissions). The finalists will be listed on this website and will also be announced across the media in November 2019.

Stage Two

The second part of the judging process is the site visits which will take place in November 2019. The following categories do not require a site visit or a client testimonial:

The information required to judge each category will be clearly outlined on the entry form and in the pdf document how to enter.

BICSc experienced judges will visit each of the nominated premises and only one judge is responsible for each category so that all entries are equally assessed.

All of the judges will receive a copy of the BICSc Best Value document before they carry out their site visits for which there will be a head judge and someone in charge of compliance. Lastly, the BICSc Industry Training Award will be judged by a judge who will not be involved in the judging of any of the other categories in the interests of fairness. 


Judges' Rules

    1. COSHH assessments & MSDS sheets
    2. Risk Assessments task related
    3. Method Statements/SSOW
    4. Portable Appliance Testing records
    5. Quality control records
    6. Training and development records
    7. Evidence of submitted company certifications & accreditations pertaining to the nominated site as per the application form



Contact details Tel: 0203 468 0923 E-mail: [email protected] Twitter: @goldenservaward


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